Helping Pets Deal with Post COVID-19 Changes in Daily Routines | Blog

Many experts are advocating that pet owners start to shift the routines back a little at a time to what they were before. Cats may have reacted differently to all the family closeness than dogs. “Not surprisingly, the majority of cats don’t want their owners home all of the time. They don’t necessarily need the interaction,” said Dorit Shevach-Shani, Feline Enrichment Manager for North Shore Animal League America. “But now that people have been home and playing and engaging with them a lot, it has become the normal and this will be the problem.”

In general, cats are VERY routine oriented and any changes in their routine is difficult for them. “Cats rely on being able to expect things from their environment. It’s important for cats and can help keep their anxiety in check,” stated Dorit. She recommends slowly swapping the times of activities now to what they will be like when you return to work and school.

Cats, can feel stress from changes in their routine or in their household and, in turn, this stress can cause ill health because it lowers their immunity. “Of course, every cat will react differently, but some signs of stress people might see include their cats being less tolerant of interactions, diarrhea, and vomiting or any change in appetite,” stated Dorit.

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