Special Programs Give Sadie Mae the Best Life Possible

Although medication and regular check-ups can slow the process, it’s likely her life will be cut short due to this disease. But Animal League America, all of the loyal Sponsors, and her new foster parent, Corey Ryan, an Off-Site Driver for our organization with a soft spot in his heart for Beagles, will ensure that Sadie Mae will have everything she needs to make the most of her precious life. Corey first met Sadie Mae as she enjoyed a leisurely stroll around our Port Washington, N.Y. campus with one of our veterinary technicians. From that day forward, he and the adorable Beagle have become an inseparable pair.

“I lost my boy, Fred, about four hours after I returned from Tour For Life® this year. He was a senior and took a turn for the worse while I was away, but fortunately I was able to say goodbye. I also have another Beagle named Ella Mae, who I adopted back in October of 2017, so when I happened to meet Sadie Mae earlier this summer, I basically knew at that moment I wanted to take her in,” Corey said. “Once I heard her story there was no way I could let her spend the rest of her life without a family.”

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