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And why we never extrude our kibble.

Making a highly nutritious dog food starts with the right high-quality ingredients.  But at Bil-Jac, we don’t stop there.  We know that the way we create the recipes for our dog foods and how we prepare and cook those ingredients makes all the difference. The critical preparation and cooking of dog food is hard to measure and appreciate when looking at the bag, but it is what makes Bil-Jac the special dog food that it is.

Why we choose not to “extrude” our kibble.

Most dog foods make dry dog food using high temperatures and high pressure, better known as a process called extrusion.  Mostly dry ingredients are blended into a paste, forced through an extruder at high pressure and high-temperature to form bite-size pieces.  At the end of the process, rendered fats are sprayed on—that’s right, sprayed on—along with flavoring to make the kibble more appealing to a dog’s taste buds. The high temperatures and pressure used in this process can damage critical nutrients, making them unavailable for the dog to utilize.  In other words, it can sacrifice nutritional value and taste.

Bil-Jac uses 5 pounds of fresh chicken to make a 6-pound bag of Adult Select. We use this much fresh chicken as our first ingredient because of the unique way we make Bil-Jac Dry.  If we extruded Bil-Jac, we couldn’t use all this fresh chicken to start.  Then we cook it slowly in small batches at a controlled temperature to help protect heat-sensitive nutrients and our appetizing chicken flavor. It’s a unique process developed by Bil-Jac from the beginning and still in use today.

With Bil-Jac, the real chicken and fat are slow-cooked in a lower temperature that helps protect them. And unlike other manufacturers, Bil-Jac Dog Food never contains fillers or protein concentrates to boost protein content. Your dog deserves much better than that! Would Grandma ever use a microwave to cook turkey for Thanksgiving?

Results worth barking about.

When you feed Bil-Jac, you should see:

  • An increased desire in your pet to eat when it’s time.
  • Greater satisfaction after meals.
  • A dramatic improvement in skin, coat and muscle tone.
  • Visible improvement in overall health and vitality.

Some final points about the Bil-Jac difference.

  • What matters most to us at Bil-Jac is making a food that your dog enjoys eating and supports healthy digestion, energy and overall health. 
  • We are choosey about the high-quality ingredients we use to make all Bil-Jac recipes.  
  • We cook it slowly in small batches to help deliver essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your dog needs for immune system support and overall vitality.

See it to believe it. Take the Bil-Jac Two-Bowl Challenge!

Haven’t tried Bil-Jac Dry yet?  We invite you and your best friend to take the Bil-Jac Two-Bowl Challenge. Just place a bowl with a little bit of your dog’s regular food beside a bowl with a little bit of any Bil-Jac Dry Dog Food and see which bowl gets emptied first! Bet we can guess which one!

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