Top 10 Things that Make Dog Moms Special

If you are a Dog Mom, you know caring for your fur babies with every bit of compassion and love you have is one of the most rewarding jobs! No matter what kind of Dog Mom you are or which ways you show your affection, your four-legged family members are sure to feel special through all the ways you give.

This Mother’s Day, Bil-Jac is honoring Dog Moms for everything they do, every day of the year. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 ways Dog Mom’s show their “mutterly” love.

Feeding Their Dog’s Well 

It’s simple – a healthy dog is a happy dog! Dog Moms know healthy nutrition for their fur kids is important. Feeding a premium dog food can ensure their dogs are receiving the highest quality nutrients needed to maintain a proper diet and immune support, along with a taste they love. A healthy dog who loves mealtime not only makes a positive experience for our dogs, but Dog Moms, too!

Training Good Behavior

The best Dog Moms are patient and dedicated to teaching their dogs the basics and beyond. Dog Moms take time to train their fur babies to behave properly and consistently to help them stay out of trouble. Well-behaved dogs are the best dogs and they know when to “stay,” “sit,” and “come” and “drop it.” Dogs who listen are a source of great pride for Mom and highlight the love and respect they have for their teacher.

Sharing Photos or Stories

Few Dog Moms would pass up a chance to share photos of their babies! Whether they share photos across social media or hide photos in their wallet sleeves, Dog Moms love to show off their adorable furry pals.

Purchasing Way Too Many Toys, Blankets, Leashes…

Dog Moms love to lavish their dogs with gifts. Who cares that they really only need one doggie dish or a few tennis balls when variety is exciting? Dog Moms buy it all, in every color or flavor out of love!

Keeping Dog Treats on Hand

Every good Dog Mom keeps a stash of their dog’s favorite dog treats on hand! Whether it’s for use in dog training or as a sweet reward, Dog Moms love to give their pooch praise for good behaviors and to just simply show their love.

Making Holidays and Birthdays Extra Special

A true Dog Mom will do all they can to celebrate their furry friends. Whether it’s celebrating a pet-related holiday or throwing your dog a pawesome birthday party, Dog Moms love to go out of their way to make their dogs feel special. You can count on Dog Moms using those celebrations as just another way to spoil their pup with new toys or treats too!

Standing by Their Side in Sickness and in Health

Just as moms take care of their human children, Dog Moms are right there anytime their fur babies don’t feel well. One of the toughest parts of being a Dog Mom is that our fur children can’t tell us where it hurts, so Dog Moms must do their best to determine what is wrong based on their dog’s behavior. Of course, caring Dog Moms know when to turn to their trusted veterinarian for expert advice as well. The health and safety of their dogs is always most important to them!

Providing Plenty of Exercise and Play

Dog Moms are sure to leave time in their day to take a walk, play a game, or visit the park with their four-legged pals. That’s because they know how important playtime and exercise are to keep their fur babies healthy! Regular exercise will keep their best bud in shape. Besides, a little outdoor or indoor playtime is good for the whole family.

Protecting from Harm

Dog Moms won’t let anything or anyone hurt their babies. They keep potential poisons locked away, watch out for any unsavory animal types in the neighborhood, and keep up with vet visits and preventive medicines. Good Dog Moms also license and tag their pets (some even use microchips) in case their furry friend somehow is separated from home; they can always return safely to the Dog Mom that loves them.

Providing Unconditional Love

Whether her dog has barked all day, chewed up designer shoes, or peed on the rug, Dog Moms love unconditionally. For Dog Moms, nothing beats puppy cuddles, warm kisses, or the many other ways their dog shows their love in return.

Appreciation for Dog Moms and Furry Friends

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to honor the special Dog Moms who love and care specially for our four-legged family members. After all, being a Dog Mom is such a meaningful role in keeping the furry friends we love happy and healthy! For additional ways Dog Moms can care for their pets, sign up for the Best Friends Club today to receive exclusive pet parenting tips, fun facts and discounts on Bil-Jac products.

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