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Our furry babies are a lot like us – they also enjoy a good treat now and then. Better yet, they should enjoy them, especially during the training stages to help reinforce positive behavior. Whether your furry friend is a little puppy or a fully-grown adult, there’s no better way to show your best friend how great he is doing than by rewarding him with a delicious, healthy dog treat.

Also like their human parents, our canine companions enjoy a little variety. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there for you to tailor your treats to your furry friend’s discerning taste buds.

Balance Taste and Nutrition to Find the Best Treats for Puppies and Dogs

From sweet potato and chicken to egg and cheese, treat variety keeps things interesting. However, there’s more to good treats for puppies and dogs than just taste.

You’ll want to be sure to feed your furry friend high-quality, nutritious treats that also please his taste buds. Choose a treat that’s made with animal protein as the number one ingredient, such as chicken or chicken liver, to appeal to his canine appetite. Animal sourced protein also contains essential amino acids that help puppies develop, grow, and repair body cells.

The way treats are made is just as important as the ingredients. Food and treats made at high temperatures under high pressure can sacrifice nutritional value for manufacturing convenience.

Bil-Jac Dog Treats are made using a proprietary slow cooking method to help protect nutrition and taste. We start with lots of real fresh chicken and chicken liver, which makes the treats both delicious and healthy, and slow cook them to protect the nutrients and enhance taste. There are no fillers or sprayed-on fat. Some treats, like America’s VetDogs Treats, have the added benefit of naturally providing Linoleic Acid to help support a healthy skin and coat.

Types of Bil-Jac Dog Treats

The best treats offer both great taste and nutritional value. Once you have made your choice, it’s time to figure out which ones your dog likes the most. Not only will your best friends have certain taste preferences, certain treat sizes or ingredients will make some treats a better fit for your dog. Bil-Jac offers several delicious options and various dog treat sizes to satisfy your growing puppy or adult dog’s taste all day long.

Original Recipe Dog Treats

These mouthwatering treats are made with real chicken liver, which is a big part of why they’re a favorite for dog trainers and pet parents alike. These larger sized treats are great for medium and larger dogs when you are training, rewarding, or just showing your pup how much you love him.


Sometimes smaller treats are the right route for your treating or training needs. Our Bil-Jac Little-Jacs Dog Training Treats are ideal for smaller dogs’ mouths, especially puppies. Small pieces, less than 3 calories a treat, are great for any size dog, allowing you to reward your furry friend multiple times in a row during training.

Gooberlicious® and Little Gooberlicious

Some dogs go mad for the taste of peanut butter. Gooberlicious Soft Treats are made with real chicken, chicken liver, and natural peanut butter flavor for any pups who go nuts for tasty snacks. Little Gooberlicious treats are great for smaller dogs and training. Both of these yummy treats contain no real peanut products.

Bil-Jac Grain Free Treats

If you want a grain-free treat for your pooch, these treats are made with real chicken and sweet potato to make for a tasty morsel. Smaller in size, they are the perfect grain-free small reward treat for dogs of all sizes, but especially for teething puppies and small to medium sized dogs.

Bil-Jac Breakfast Jacs®

It’s the most important meal of the day – except these morning-inspired treats are great anytime! Bil-Jac Breakfast Jacs are made with real egg and cheese, perfect for training or when you want to reward your dog.

YappleNanas® and PBnanas®

If your dog prefers something fresh and fruity, these fun treats will drive your furry friends bananas. Both YappleNanas (featuring apple and banana flavor) and PBnanas (banana-peanut butter flavor) are tasty and easy to eat, which makes for a delightful treat for your dog.

America’s VetDogs® 10 oz. Treats

These start-shaped, delicious treats are made from real chicken and are specially formulated to help keep your dog’s skin and coat, soft and shiny. Best of all, purchases of these treats help provide assistance dogs to disabled veterans and first responders. Find out more about the America’s VetDogs organization and service dogs at

America’s VetDogs® 4 oz. Training Treats

Train with the same treats used to train service dogs for America’s heroes. These training treats are made with natural peanut butter flavor and real fresh chicken and are less than 3 calories each. The official training treats of America’s VetDogs are great for training and treating all size dogs. Find out more about the America’s VetDogs organization and service dogs at

Bil-Jac Dessert Jacs®

Who doesn’t love a tasty treat for dessert? The pumpkin flavor of our Bil-Jac Dessert Jacs are great for rewarding and training dogs of all sizes. Made with natural pumpkin flavor, these desserts are three calories per treat with no fillers, soy, or rendered fat.

High Value Treats for Every Dog

Puppies and dogs enjoy having a variety of treats in their diet. Between different flavors, shapes, and sizes, it’s fun to see which treats your furry friend likes best. Once you know, you can use those treats to teach them a trick or two – or just reward them for being so lovable.

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