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You don’t need to be a big dog to provide plenty of love. Small breed dogs offer ample amounts of joy, loyalty, and companionship – all in a compact, adorable 20 pounds or less. While we’re huge fans of every type of dog, there are some specific advantages of welcoming a small dog into your home.

Small Dogs are Easy to Transport

There’s no denying that picking up a Pug is a bit easier on the back and knees than hoisting a Husky. Small breed dogs are much easier to move around than their colossal colleagues thanks to their lesser weight and overall size. Smaller dogs can also fit in small spaces in your car when you take a trip – some breeds can even fit in a handbag if necessary. In fact, some pet-friendly airlines allow dog in the cabin if they’re small enough, which gives you more options to travel with your pint-sized pooch.

Small Dogs Don’t Take up as Much Room at Home

Big dogs are great, but they don’t always leave a lot of wiggle room. Small dogs offer a whole bunch of cuddle potential without making you squeeze into a tight space. Here are some ways that a small breed dog can make life at home a bit more comfortable:

  • You’ve got more space on the couch or chair if they decide to lay with you
  • There’s more leg room at the end of your bed if your furry friend sleeps with you at night
  • There’s not nearly as much weight laying on you if your best friend is a lap dog

There’s Less to Clean and Groom

Simply put, there’s just so much less fur to groom or wash with a smaller canine companion. Not only does this mean that your cleaning sessions are much shorter, it’s also a lot easier to find a good spot to give your furry friend a bath. A small dog may fit in a deep sink or a stationary tub, which can make bath time – and the following cleanup – a lot more convenient than dealing with a separate tub and a big, sopping wet canine.

More Places Allow Smaller Dogs

Planes aren’t the only places that may place size limits on dogs. While we think dogs should be allowed just about anywhere, there are some situations where bigger breeds are off limits. If you live – or plan to live – in an apartment, a condo, or somewhere else with a landlord or a homeowner’s association, there may be certain rules as to what pets are allowed on premises. Such an arrangement may include a weight limit, which means that you may have a better chance finding a new place with a small breed dog than a large one.

Smaller Dogs Tend to Live Longer

As much as we want our furry friends to live forever, that’s sadly not the case. Pet parenting is a lifelong commitment and can lead to years of unconditional love, joy, and loyalty. However, some dog breeds tend to live longer than others. In general, small dog breed have longer lifespans than their bigger brethren. If you want a few more good years to spend with your best friend, a smaller dog may be the right match for your family.

Small Dogs Don’t Need to Eat as Much

While bigger breeds are canines of mass consumption, smaller dogs won’t require nearly as much food to keep them healthy and happy. Small breed dog food is made for smaller, mouths, smaller teeth, and smaller bellies, and you won’t need more than a cup of food per day depending on your furry friend and your dog food of choice. When big breeds can eat three or more cups per day, that’s quite a bit you’ll be able to save on kibble.

Of course, smaller serving sizes doesn’t mean that small breeds don’t have big nutritional needs. It’s important to make sure your little furry friend has the right dog food to succeed at all stages of life. At Bil-Jac, we utilize a slow-cooking process to protect the key nutrients found in our quality ingredients. This allows us to make super-premium dog food carefully formulated to your dog’s needs.

Want the right food for your dog? Use our product finder to find the right Bil-Jac formula for your furry friend. If you want to learn more about how you can help keep your best friend happy and healthy, join our Best Friends Club today to receive our exclusive email newsletter full of training tips, helpful article, and members-only discounts on Bil-Jac dog food, treats, and other products.

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