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For over 75 years, Bil-Jac has been passionately dedicated to making food that helps dogs reach their full potential and thrive. We’re always looking for ways to improve upon what Bill and Jack started in 1947 as the science about canine nutrition continued to evolve.

Bil-Jac customers around the nation may have already started noticing two exciting updates to Bil-Jac Dry Dog Food both in stores and online, wherever Bil-Jac is sold. First, we have added canine-specific probiotics to all of our Bil-Jac Dry formulas. Second, we’ve taken the time to refresh Bil-Jac packaging to easily communicate all the ways Bil-Jac helps to support the health of your dog and why so many pet parents become Bil-Jac Believers.

Probiotics – Two Big Benefits for Your Dog

We’ve added a “little something” into all of our dry Bil-Jac formulas – probiotics. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help support the health of an animal. There are more than 500 types of probiotics. We purposefully chose canine-specific probiotics for our formulas to help dogs get the most from this addition.

Probiotics are beneficial in two ways. First, they help support healthy digestion by helping to absorb nutrients better. Second, they help with healthy immune function. A large part of your dog’s immune system starts in their digestive tract. Adding probiotics to the food helps to support a healthy microbiome which in turn helps to support immune function.

At Bil-Jac, we know healthy digestion is a key priority for dogs to properly absorb the nutrients in their food. We also know that dogs have the tendency to get into things they shouldn’t – like the garbage, for example. By adding probiotics to help support your dog’s microbiome, we help them to stay healthy as they enjoy life.

A New, Simplified Look for Our Furry Families

We’re always looking for the best way our packaging can communicate how amazing the food is inside the bag. Our bags are one of the most important ways we interact with you, our customers, so we wanted to highlight just how healthy dogs can be when they eat Bil-Jac and clearly share all the benefits of feeding Bil-Jac. Now you can easily find all the important information about the fresh chicken we use, how every formula contains a guaranteed amount of canine-specific probiotics for healthy digestion and immune system support, and other key benefits of our ingredients and gentle, slow cooking.

We are now featuring one dog on the front of each bag. The “stars” of our new packaging highlight the reason why we do all of the special things we do to make of food — dogs. As pet parents, we know that every dog has his or her own unique personality. We wanted to capture the charm and beauty that makes each of the dogs on our bags so special.

“Everything we do at Bil-Jac is with the dog’s health in mind – that’s why my Dad and Uncle Jack started Bil-Jac,” says Bob Kelly, Owner and President. “Bil-Jac gives dogs the high-quality nutrition they need to thrive. It was important to us to showcase very healthy, happy dogs with plenty of personality front and center on our new packaging.”

Although the packaging looks different, the overall background color and formula colors have stayed consistent. We wanted to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to easily be able to find your dog’s favorite Bil-Jac formula in the new design. Dog parents who always buy the blue background and yellow bar Adult Select bag will quickly recognize the updated Adult Select bag. Our dry food isn’t the only updated packaging in the Bil-Jac line. New packaging for Bil-Jac wet food, both tubs and cans, have also started appearing in stores, while Bil-Jac Frozen underwent its first bag redesign in 75 years in 2022.

New Look, Same Great Taste

While the outside of our bags have changed, we’re proud to say that the food they contain is made with the same high quality ingredients and gentle, slow cooking as they have been for decades. For more than 75 years, our passion has been to make food that helps every dog thrive, which is why we focus on four key differences to set our formulas apart from standard kibble.

  • We use 25 pounds of fresh chicken to make a 30-pound bag of Puppy and Adult Select dog food, which is more fresh chicken than anyone we know.
  • Our Nutri-Lock cooking method utilizes small-batch, slow cooking and low-temperature, vacuum drying to protect the all-important key nutrients for every ingredient.
  • We include highly digestible carbohydrates so that dogs can fully utilize ingredients
  • Now with guaranteed amount of canine-specific probiotics in all our foods to help support healthy digestion and immune function

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