10 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Your Dog


Was your best friend naughty or nice this year? If your dog was nice, you’ll want to have a few great stocking stuffer ideas to help Santa shop for their favorite toys and treats! There are plenty of great Holiday gifts out there for your best friend, so let’s break down some truly Pawsome gifts for dogs this season of giving.

10 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Dogs

1. A Stylish Food Dish

A new food bowl is always a nice gift, especially when it’s paired with your dog’s favorite kibble. Maybe your dog’s old dish has been around for years and could use a new, high-quality bowl. Maybe you have a large dog who could use a bowl that’s raised to make mealtime a bit easier on the joints. Perhaps there’s a new design out there that simply looks great and will make for an awesome gift on Christmas morning. Regardless of your reason, a brand new food bowl can be a perfect stocking stuffer idea for any hungry dog.

2. A Cozy Dog Blanket

Want to help keep your furry friend warm this winter? A new blanket is a surefire gift that your dog will love when it’s time to ward off the cold or stay comfy by your side. A good dog blanket can come from anywhere. You can be crafty and knit or tie fleece from the fabric store for that homemade charm. You can also purchase a blanket from your favorite sports team or your alma mater as well. Either way, your dog should love wrapping up in this holiday gift.

3. A Snazzy New Jacket or Sweater

When the temperatures are below freezing outside, we all feel bad letting our pups out to do their business. Bundle your dog up in a stylish jacket or sweater to give her that extra layer of protection against the elements. In addition, this stocking stuffer will help your furry friend look extra special in all those holiday photos. Some stores even sell matching vests for you and your dog!

4. A Variety of Tasty Dog Treats

Remember, variety keeps rewards fun and interesting for your pup! Whether you’re using treats to train your dog or just want to reward her for being oh, so cute, make sure to fill your dog’s stocking with treats like Bil-Jac’s Gooberlicious®, PB-Nanas®, and Little-Jacs® this Christmas. Switching up the flavors keeps things exciting when rewarding your pet for good behavior!

5. Even More Dog Treats (with a Cause!)

Sometimes your dog’s stocking stuffers can also serve as a gift to others as well. America’s VetDogs® Treats allow you to not only give your best friend a treat they will enjoy, but also make a difference to America’s military heroes. Purchases of these treats help America’s VetDogs® train and provide assistance dogs to veterans and active duty personnel with disabilities at no charge.

6. A Fun Squeaky Toy

One way to tap into the holiday spirit is to pique your dog’s curiosity with a new toy. Did you know that the squeak enhances the hearing sensory experience? All dogs love playing with toys, especially puppies because it lets them exercise and work off their energy. Squeaky toys are a great Christmas gift for your dog that you can use to help your dog spend energy and stay in shape – that’s a New Year’s Resolution right there!

7. A Fashionable Collar & Harness

A good collar and harness is a fashionably great stocking stuffer idea. Choosing the perfect collar, harness, and leash for your dog is an important task depending on your pet’s size and breed – small dogs and big dogs will need the right fit for them. Take some time to stroll the aisles of your local pet store this holiday season and choose a new collar or harness to add to your Pawsome dog stocking stuffer ideas!

8. A Travel Water Bowl

Do you ever get tired of spilling water bottles all over the car after taking a walk in the park with your pup? A travel water bowl will help your best friend stay hydrated when you’re taking a trip together. Check out your local pet store for travel water bowl options that your pup will love.

9. A Durable Chew Toy

Sometimes the best Christmas gift is something your dog can really sink their teeth into. Chewing is a natural instinct for our canine companions, and a nice chew toy can help your dog gnaw on a fun toy instead of developing bad chewing habits. Pick up some new chew toys to keep your furry friend occupied while you are busy with work, holiday shopping, and more.

10. A Comfy Bed

Who doesn’t love a good nap every now and then? Whether your precious pooch is crate trained or simply likes a comfy place to snooze, your dog may enjoy a new, soft bed this holiday season. Remember, crate training is one of the many steps of raising a confident, well-behaved dog, and keeping their crate cozy is a nice treat.

Make This Holiday Season One to Remember for You and Your Dog

No matter what Santa stuffs into your best friend’s stocking this year, we hope it’s all PAWSOME! Want to learn more about how you can help your dog stay happy and healthy all year round? Join our Best Friends Club today to receive our exclusive email newsletter full of articles on training tips, healthy habits, and members-only discounts on Bil-Jac Dog Food, Treats, and health enhancers.

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