Why Your Dog is the Perfect Valentine

If you need a date this Valentine’s Day, you should consider your favorite four-legged friend. Whether you’re single, your significant other is away, or you want to include a furry third wheel in your plans, your dog is a great date for Valentine’s day. Not convinced? Here are five reasons that may change your mind.

You Can Decide What to Do

When your date is a dog, you have full control over your Valentine’s Day plans. This means that you don’t have to make reservations at that fancy new restaurant to try and impress someone. Instead, you can pick and choose activities at your leisure, because your dog will be happy to be with you. Some good doggy dates include:

  • Going for a walk
  • Heading to the dog park
  • Having a picnic
  • Taking a scenic drive

If none of those are all that appealing, you can always stay home and cuddle on the couch. The important part is that you and your dog have fun and enjoy spending time together.

You Don’t Have to Agonize Over What You’re Going to Wear

A date at a swanky restaurant or a trip to the opera can be lovely, but it’s not always fun to try and plan the perfect outfit. With a dog as a Valentine’s date, you don’t have to channel your inner fashion designer. He or she won’t judge you if you decide to wear your comfy shoes, mismatch patterns, or stay at home all night in your pajamas.

In the end, your outfit has nothing to do with your furry friend’s perception of you. All your pooch cares about is that you’re there. Plus, your dog wears the same outfit every day and always look fabulous, so you’re not alone if you decide to sprawl out on the couch in your favorite hoodie.

Your Dog Won’t Say the Wrong Things

Ever go out for a lovely evening and have a date ruin the night with a few unfortunate words? Whether it’s a bad joke or something that highlights the unsavory side of your potential beau, people can ruin a night with the wrong comment.

Fortunately, dogs can’t talk. That means they won’t make you lose your appetite after sharing some unfortunate information. It also saves you feeling the need to impress your date or having to force a conversation if things aren’t going well. Instead, you can just enjoy the silence or, better yet, talk with your best friends knowing they will listen to every word you say.

You Get to Pick and Choose What You Want to Eat

If you want to make yourself a fancy dinner, go right ahead. If you want to pick up pizza and wings, that’s perfectly fine as well. Your dog won’t make you feel bad if you accidentally burn something you made for yourself or if you serve up the same delicious dog food you give your fur friend every day.  No matter what, your dog will support your choice, especially if you are thoughtful and share some dog treats  as part of your Valentine’s Day dinner plans.

Your Dog Will Always Be There for You

Valentine’s Day dates may come and go, but your dog is here to stay. A good furry friend will be with you through thick and thin, whether you’re having a blast or need someone to hold. In the end, that’s the type of date you want to be with this Valentine’s Day.

No matter the date, your dog deserves the best. That’s why we’ve spent the past 70 years providing pet parents with a wide variety of Bil-Jac dog food products that help your furry friends live long, healthy lives. This Valentine’s Day, make sure you let your dogs know that you love them, because you know that they’ll always be there by your side.

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