Are Dog Supplements Beneficial?

are certain that you take extra measures to maintain your dog’s health by feeding
nutritious diet, taking him out for exercise and giving him dog supplements. But
are dog supplements really required?

is a lot of confusion regarding whether you should give supplements to your dog
or not. In this blog, we have provided a brief on the same to clear the air on
this matter.

What are Dog Supplements?

supplements are nutrients that dogs might not get from the food they eat. Just
like you take protein shakes and multivitamins in addition to your diet, dog
supplements are given to dogs in addition to their meals.

These supplements provide vitamins and minerals to your pooch and boost their physical and mental health. Some supplements are formulated for specific problems like joint health, digestive health, skin and coat health, etc.

Benefits of Dog Supplements

pup deserves living a happy, healthy and long life. Adding dog supplements to
your floof’s diet is an excellent way of ensuring that he is getting enough
essential nutrients.

are a few advantages of giving dog supplements.

  • They treat illnesses.
  • They ensure necessary nutrition.
  • They are easy to feed.
  • They improve overall health.
  • They are better than medicines.

various reasons, veterinarians around the world also suggest giving supplements
to dogs for various reasons, as it benefits them. But you must always consult
with your vet before starting any supplements for your furry friend. Your vet
will suggest the type of supplements that your dog needs the most.

let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the benefits of dog supplements.

They treat illnesses.

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of dog supplements, this is the biggest upside reason why pet parents give supplements to their dogs. Supplements aid in the treatment of various ailments. For example, you can give your dog glucosamine to help with arthritis and digestive aids like Protexin or Laxapet to deal with stomach problems.

They ensure necessary nutrition.

Having peace of mind that your pet is getting all the essential nutrients required for good health is so relaxing! Giving extra supplements to your dog will add more nutrients to what they usually get from their meals. And, knowing you’re providing the best to your pup will improve their overall health, including their appearance.

They are easy to feed.

supplements are simple to incorporate into dog food and homemade dog meals. You
can even give it directly to your dog. Some supplements also have added flavors,
so they smell and taste good. On the other hand, vitamins can be injected to
dogs as well.

They improve overall health.

Supplements are not only given to cure diseases but multivitamins and other supplements can be given regularly to dogs as they improve overall health and help your dog function and feel better. Multivitamins for dogs protect the joints, skin, heart, and other organs from diseases.

They are better than medicines.

all know- Prevention is better than cure. Since supplements are nutrients,
they’re better than medicines. Also, when it comes to the benefits and
drawbacks of dog supplements, one of the advantages of dog vitamins is that
they are a less expensive option to medicine. Therefore, it’s better to spend
money on dog vitamins rather than risk getting sick and having to pay for
pricey medicines.

How to select the best supplement for my dog?

With a growing population of aging, overweight dogs, most pet parents are including dietary supplements in their dog’s meals. But how should you choose a supplement. Here are a few tips provided by expert veterinarians.

  • First of all, consult your veterinarian. Do not take any supplements without seeking the guidance of your vet.
  • Read the labels carefully. Only choose the products that contains the ingredients that you are looking for, don’t be fooled by similar-looking products.
  • Look for the lot number and expiry date of the product. Do not buy the product in bulk if the expiry date is nearby.
  • Look for the credibility of the brand manufacturing the product.
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