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At one time or another, we’ve all experienced that annoyance of telling our dogs to calm down and stop jumping on our guests. While your dog may get excited by the presence of a new person in the house, the practice of jumping up on people can lead to everything from embarrassment to accidental injuries.

So, what can you do to train your dog not to jump up on people? It’s time to get some expert advice on the matter! Professional Animal Trainer and TV Show Host Joel Silverman has several tips he can share to help you manage your dog’s jumping habit so that your best friend will be even more behaved than he was before.

How to Train Your Dog from Jumping on Guests

While the urge to jump on a guest is natural response – dogs like to greet each other nose to nose, so jumping helps them do the same to humans – it’s important to practice patience and consistency to help dissuade that behavior. Here’s what Silverman suggests you do to teach your dog how to properly greets your guests.

Don’t ignore the issue

The first step toward correcting unwanted jumping is to recognize the problem. If your dog completes the behavior and you don’t do anything to teach him it was wrong, it’ll only reinforce that behavior. Instead it’s important to make sure you watch your dog every time you allow a guest in your house so that you can act accordingly.

Have a leash and collar ready

When you first start out trying to teach your dog not to jump, it’s key to prevent your dog from jumping on people. To do this, you’ll need two readily available items for any pet parent: a leash and collar.

Whenever a guest comes to your door, put your dog’s collar and leash on before you let that person into your place. This way you can gently tug on the leash to establish control of the situation before you open the door. If your dog starts to jump, you can use the leash to help keep him in place and tell them “no” to correct him so he starts to learn that jumping is off limits.

Reward your dog after a successful greeting

While it’s important to act accordingly when your dog jumps on a guest, it’s also very important to reward your furry friend when he behaves. If they’re willing, have your guest kneel down and greet your dog on his level – a few pets and some supportive words can go a long way toward training your canine companion. You can also give your dog a Bil-Jac Treat or two to give him a tasty reward for his restraint.

Repeat the process

Practice makes perfect. From leash training to chewing prevention, repetition plays a key role in training your dog. Repeat these steps for multiple sessions with different steps. Eventually your dog will get better and better and learn not to jump on people! Once your dog gets comfortable enough to where you don’t need to pull back on his leash, try letting a guest in without the leash and collar. If your precious pooch sits patiently instead of jumping, congratulations, you’ve trained your dog not to jump on guests!

Training is Another Chance to Bond with Your Furry Friend

Going through training sessions with your dog is a great opportunity to bring the two of you closer together. Remember to let your dog know you are very proud of him – your best friend will love the fact that you are so pleased when he practices positive behaviors. That enthusiasm will make them want you to teach them more!

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