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Every dog deserves to love their food but some canine companions are more picky about their food than others. Fortunately, Bil-Jac is thrilled to announce two brand-new Picky No More wet foods for dogs to enjoy:

Picky No More Pâté: A Delicious Meal and Tasty Topper

Our new Picky No More Pâté wet food varieties are the latest additions to a 75-plus year history of making mealtime exciting for your best friends. Even the most nutritious meal won’t support your dog if they don’t eat it. That’s why Bil-Jac introduced the Picky No More line to bring excitement to every meal® and give pet parents an irresistible, nutritious dog food that even that pickiest pooch will love.

While our Picky No More line includes a variety of dry dog foods, Picky No More Pâté brings two new recipes of wet food to join the line. Each Picky No More Pâté is made with our tasty secret ingredient – real chicken liver. Dogs cannot resist the taste of real chicken liver and other high-quality ingredients. Each recipe of Picky No More Pâté helps give your best friend the delicious nutrition they deserve, including:

  • Naturally sourced Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to nourish your dog’s skin and coat.
  • Essential amino acids to help support the immune system and rebuild muscles.
  • Brings excitement to mealtime by adding variety & moisture to any dry dog food.

Our Picky No More Pâté products are a great option for pet parents who like to feed their adult dogs wet food or simply want to add delicious variety & moisture to dry dog food. If your dog is hesitant about trying new food or may have lost interest in eating their current kibble, then using Picky No More Pâté as a topper is an easy way to add that irresistible taste to every dish.

Enhance Your Dog’s Mealtime with Picky No More Pâté

Dog parents go to great lengths to make sure their best friend is eating on a regular basis. However, if your dog isn’t excited about their food anymore, this can be a challenge. With the two new flavors of Picky No More Pâté, pet parents can provide their best friends with a tasty solution to feed even the pickiest of eaters and make sure they lick their bowl clean every time.

Does your dog need some extra encouragement? The Picky No More Pâté wet food comes in two flavors: Chicken & Chicken Liver and Chicken Liver & Beef that are available in 13 oz. cans and can be found in select PetSmart stores across the country. Use our store locator to find a PetSmart near you that carries Picky No More Pâté wet dog food and all our other Picky No More products.

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