How to Reduce Excessive Dog Shedding?

Taking care of a dog is very rewarding, except for when you have to pick up piles of fluff shed by your dog. Not only does cleaning up loose dog hair suck, but the mess created by it in your car, house, and backyard can almost take over your life.

Shedding is a natural
process in dogs as it replaces old hair with new hair, and it’s something you
have got to deal with. You can’t stop shedding completely for sure, but here
are tips that will help you to control your dog’s shedding.

Tips to Reduce Dog Shedding

The more frequently you brush your dog’s coat, the more you’ll remove to stop shedding. In order to prevent excessive shedding, brush your dog at least twice a week. If your dog has a double coat, you can also use a shedding hair grooming tool to get rid of excessive hair.

  • Bath and blow dry regularly.

The best way to reduce hair fall on your floor is to bathe and blow dry your dog regularly. Bathing your dog with a good dog shampoo like Malaseb or Frontline shampoo, followed by a blow-dry session can greatly reduce your dog’s shedding.

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  • Focus on the correct diet.

A healthy coat is a result of a healthy diet. Feeding your dog a nutrient-rich, high protein diet will keep your dog’s coat and healthy and will naturally control shedding.

skin is one of the major causes of excessive dog shedding. Therefore, keeping
your dog hydrated by increasing his water intake would definitely benefit your

Along with a healthy diet and adequate hydration, supplements that boost skin health are equally important to keep your dog’s fur shiny and smooth. Supplement your dog’s diet with Omega 3 fatty acids for a healthier, moisture-rich coat.

Fleas, ticks, and allergies associated with them result in itching and scratching, which causes excessive dog shedding. Keeping your dog on flea and tick prevention treatments will make sure that your Fido doesn’t lose excess hair due to it.

Although shedding is natural in dogs, some medical conditions like parasites, skin infections, stress, allergies, or sunburn may induce shedding. If your dog is shedding more than normal or is losing hair in patches, you should be taking your vet’s appointment at the earliest.

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Keeping Your Home

Dealing with your dog’s hair falling on the floor, couch, and your car is difficult and frustrating. The tips discussed in this post will help you minimize shedding, but here are a few more ways to keep your home hair-free:

  • Use a shedding tool.
  • Vacuum your house frequently.
  • Get an air purifier to remove dog hair
    and dander from the air.
  • Cover your furniture and car seats.
  • Prevent your dog’s hair from getting
    into the upholstery.

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